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Study notes 12/14

I'm stuck on 布 cloth versus 布 spade. 布 can also be used for 'disseminate' or 'broadcast.' With this information, I wonder - is the same character used for both because the modern use is a simplified version of the traditional character; or is it because cloth and spade can, in different senses, both spread out? (Ick, opera is a plot point - skipping it diminishes the story. Ick.) Shoutout to translator's notes! 我 的 错 - 今 她 的 姐姐 不是 她 的 奴婢 在 Aesop. Not again - twice is no longer a coincidence. Huh - is this a symptom or did the story change the birth problem? If they did change it, I'm glad to see this wee one doing better here than in not-Aesop. And the timeline for confinement's been moved way up, yup. Where is that list of embroidered animals as government officials' badges? Huh - water management again. Ohh, that was soo deliberate. And do those herbs have a legitimate application to her current condition, or does 皇上匹夫 just wanna mess with her food? LOL peanuts! Oh, all the LOL 宫奴婢! 狗 versus 犬? Canon! (Not cannon. And I have to wonder how canon?) 他们是不是乐师?

Huh - 豺狼政权 still 不是睦邻. Using alternative means to keep conflict under the radar?

Adding these articles (make it sound like a pub crawl, why don't you?) to wonder if the photos and recordings aren't enough to hold "iT's My DuTy" to account. And why would vocab 英国 protect those who did the dragging in the first place? Literal is 煤气灯, but I'm looking for the figurative.

Adding this to ask, what's preventing you from handling this issue?

I want to double check the count, but I'll be quite chuffed to see it up to 10. (Adding this because ooh, fast track to 50? And this because I wonder if conflict of interest comes into play here.)

Adding this as a reminder of a statistician (?) earlier during lockdown - if I remember correctly, that person had taken the earliest existing information on COVID and plotted expected cases along a bell curve, then compared the plot to reported cases. The numbers fit the bell curve so closely that that person drew the same conclusions as the article in the first link in this paragraph.

Ending with this because I'm curious.

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