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Study notes 12/16

Both not-Aesop and flip-side-not-Aesop show 皇太后 with a widow's peak; however, the most common portrait I've found doesn't show this detail, and I wonder if I have the right person (adoptive versus birth, after all). The face does confirm my suspicions about casting, though. Oh, and 五阿哥 不是 姐姐 的 杀人; 是 他 的 母亲.

Belatedly posting these because frankly, considering one rather notable story that took Cable Opinion Network (four?) months to cover, Don-doesn't-need-a-nickname has no grounds to complain about being informed after other people in his field. Do I understand correctly that those "handpicked" posted only the files, letting them speak for themselves, instead of editorializing with and around the information in those files? Because I'd rather have that, thanks.

Reading this, I wonder if Cable Opinion Network also lacks this information - a couple of studies came through the feed earlier, but I'm highlighting that which explores fast track to 50. (Is that 64 times as many, versus 40 times?)

Adding this because "never heard of“ or 'don't want to hear?' Because I'm going with the second.

Adding this because (while I have to agree with the writer) thanks for feeding me what I don't need, DubiousTool, though maybe someone else can use your projections. (Do all your stories load now, after months of feedback on that same problem from multiple users, or are they still as hit or miss as digital fentanyl?)

Penultimate this for vocab 香港 and 谷歌.

Correcting the statement for these examples: it's 你们的话, 不我的, rather than 你们的说.

Ending with this because I think I've got the wrong term, but it was an interesting find nevertheless. (I'm right after all! Sweet.)

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