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Study notes 12/19

Snicker - 其二角皇上 is a funny drunk. Also, the technique of using repetitions in subtitles that point to useful sayings, it comes through again - 木已成舟. Doesn't traditional medicine have techniques to check a baby's position and reposition if needed? Aw, the wee face... 其五火是谁? As always, shoutout to TNs for context. Oh, that's so wrong. I thought it was an RSI or a sprain or something. No. Wrong. So wrong. Oh, that's worse. Bad enough when I thought it was just the one - how many did they stick into the poor thing? Yeesh, this stuff really hits different viewed out of order. 他 不 是 你 的 哥. Snicker - 她 知道 他 would be a 匹夫, so she brought snackies? Wasn't that 奴婢 the one who helped trick 皇上 with not-quite-弟媳? So the hand up in greeting really is just an outdoor thing. Dude! Thank you, TNs!

So much in the feed conforms to 你们的话, 不我的. And considering I use 不 more frequently than 布, why has the latter switched places with the former at least twice now, 微软?

Adding this look at fast track to 50 (14 here) because it's a good omen, considering what's already come through.

Adding this because of another good omen, though I certainly didn't think so at the time.

Adding this because I hardly need to ask whether it's from 豺狼政权 or for 豺狼政权.

Ending with this because curious and hungry.

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