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Study notes 12/20 (that's better)

Oh, dude! 阿月 的 哥哥! And I wonder if dew collected from flowers has the same effect as maward? 普通话 的 /s 是 什么? HOW THE HELL DO YOU CAPTION MPHFMFMMFMFMNRPHFHMRM?! Aww! I love my dictionary! Question - fingernail covers are in both not-Aesop and Aesop-not-Aesop, but only one of them has their actresses with fingernails of a length that would require those protective covers. Which one's the historical method, or were both used in that same period? Huh - I thought the dust-off bow was only for 医生, but 她的父亲不是医生, and that greeting's used only by 男人 both indoors and out. 皇上 是 其五火 吗? 没有 饭, 不可以 烧 饭? Sudden realization regarding my earlier notion of these bits of study material being procedurals - not medical or law enforcement, but geopolitical - I think that show made it clear that matching clothes in a scene tend to matching aims in the characters wearing them. (Still there, 微软.) Uh... 皇上's not leading the dance - 其二角知道吗? 对, 他知道.

If “a lot of people would like to have their own screen filter version to actually resemble what they see in the mirror,” I'd have to agree with the quote in the title. (My condolences to those on whom the zeitgeist pushes that sentiment, but at the same time, I feel no kinship with those who choose to undergo the procedures in the first place.) For one thing, purses can be resold, and are far less likely to cause post-operative complications. For another, the horse in the photo is more likely satisfied with its legs straighter than they're shown than the woman in front of it is with the size of her ass. (Who says equine is only for adages?) And BDD within a practitioner, not just within a patient? Which adage applies to a diseased person in charge of those similarly afflicted?

Adding this because no surgery is going to force reality to match the perception he and those around him seek, a reality which increasingly neither illuminates nor educates. (Since I'm borrowing his words, should I count this fair? And how's that photo op?)

Adding this as a reminder of an article several years ago of similar appliances (probably same company, earlier model) tracking the interior layout of the homes in which they were used, then transmitting that layout for - what, AI training? The specific misuse mentioned for that layout information, IIRC, was in home invasions; but my question now is whether the issue then was that the info could be misused by those receiving the transmission, or if the transmission could be accessed by those not meant to receive it.

What, screenshots aren't enough to deal with the application of reading material? 看看!

Adding this for vocab 日本.

Reupping this bit of fast track to 50 (51?) to acknowledge another reminder. 豺狼政权.

Ending with this because it feels like I'm seeing more of these sorts of stories, and not just because I'm seeking them out - now that's better.

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