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Study notes 12/22

Once again, repetition in subtitles for sayings in captions: 此一时彼一时 - except then is still now when it comes to 豺狼. On that point, the term 'debunk' usually means to disprove something - is that the case here, writer? Is 豺狼政权 really not building up artificial islands to build military structures in the way they've already done around still there 微软? And why is 后遗症 in the subtitles, but not in the captions? Also, another leg injury? Same 阿哥? Historical record? Yeesh, 煤气灯 figurative is standard operating procedure here, poor thing. Memorials or memoranda? And why does 皇上 sound different? Shoutout to translators! 一里 = .5 km = .31 mile.

And the problem with having reached the last ep of broadcast historical drama study material is non-historical drama study material. And that's the other 腮! Boo-yah for being able to recognize 啊 at speed. Do they not have roadside assistance? 他 是 海兰剎 (I don't know the dude's 汉字, OK?) 吗? Aww, it's another 乙女. Yeesh, I don't know how this third 女人's related, but 腮 + 砖?! Geh-heh, rhymes with sucker better run. Aww, 她 的 朋友 有 砖.

Wondering if I should be relieved at this news, considering it another anchor for the one 邻国 the 豺狼 considers, even as I'm aware of how 北韩 treats its own?

Adding this for fast track to 50.

Replacing in honor of the day - ugh, fine. First one was accidental; second, intentional; both, meant.

Ending with this because it's about as soothing as kittens.

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