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Study notes 12/31

很快一点儿, it sounds like, but I think there were a few 汉字 missing from the captions - and it might not be river orchid dude after all. Seriously, it's ep 7 and this character's been stuck on the road at least twice now - do you lot truly not have roadside assist programs? (Huh. I'm guessing not, but building up to it.) Aand of course it starts to 雨. Huh. Is it standard to have song lyrics captioned on the side of the screen during a show? Because that's two now, but the first I've seen during the show rather than in the opening. 砖女人喜欢猫, 男人喜欢砖女人, figures 男人有反应, guess who's making 猫 "吃肉肉."

A memory keeps me here, a documentary that included an ancient holiday celebration on a plateau in the midst of a war and modern descendants memorializing their ancestors on the same day. (The plateau's important here because it was easy to defend, had its own significant water supply, as well as enough room to grow food to survive a siege. It didn't.) History shows that a determined opponent will use a holiday (this is only a more recent example of what I mean). And for good or ill, I'd rather have this memory of mine to counter.

Memory also helps when encountering study material to compare with its translation. From what I've got of the first line, it's specifically youth protests. 是谁在... who is located? 他们有... they have? 专业的团队, specialized group. (Noting 队specifically for group, because if memory serves, it's made up of the 汉字 for 'flag' and 'person.') 他们的目的是什么? "What is their purpose?" This is a bit more difficult without text to compare the dialogue to.

Sigh. Dang, you know what? Here - for the med cabinet.

Moving a few things for the timestamp:

Adding this because silly boy, if there's going to be lying in the job application process, one has to have more minions on side to back it up. Although one must not normalize the Sundowner, and therefore provide the younger with the consequences one would seek for his senior.

(Seriously, you lot are willing to cover up nepotism, drug use, and infidelity - acknowledging, not linking to, of course there's more than the one, poor kid - so long as it's within your political bubble; you implicate those outside your bubble who aren't fine with such characteristics; and you vilify those you implicated once you find out you're the ones who screwed up. Why would anyone seek to be relatable to such unlikable people? Speaking of unlikable people, it's easy enough to find those who dare mock them.)

Adding these to ask, who should I feel more sorry for - this person, or all these people?

Adding this because, while it isn't necessarily cause for suspecting the country to which they're all connected (especially considering vocab 所罗门群岛's choice of ally), one has to admit that's a lot of weird connections, and I don't like coincidence.

Adding this look at something of a surprise in terms of allyship with 豺狼政权, though looking at the economic reports, maybe I shouldn't be that surprised. (Adding these articles as a reminder to keep wary of all news that isn't entirely settled.) Have to say this came as a surprise as well.

Adding this because 豺狼政权 has used this tactic on more than still there, 微软, 酒肉朋友.

Revisiting this issue to correct something from earlier - 金融家 不需要 你们, because I think I used 不喜欢 at the time. Speaking of media - if "western media gets 豺狼政权 wrong" so often, it's a good thing one has access to 他们的话. (Enjoying the shows doesn't make the common thread any more reassuring.)

Belatedly adding this because it seems like another revisit.

Adding these two because they speak of the same sort of inflation.

Replacing a human trafficker with green information. If it were only that easy with the actual one-vowel-from-twit.

Celebrating the count at 20 and fast track to 50!

Ending with this because talk about outside the box - how many humans think of viruses as food?

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