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Study notes 12/7

It seems inefficient in terms of storage and use of raw material, using such different shapes for coins, but I'm guessing that 布币 (there, fixed) and 刀币 are easier to differentiate by touch. (Huh. Still funny and a handy mnemonic. I wonder if he's still on the air? Noting here that soon after I added that link, an article dropped into the feed regarding the part of the comedian's experience that ended up in another of his monologues.) Though I don't understand why it's 布 cloth now but 布 spade then - what's the link? (Reminder of TONE TONE TONE!)

Adding this article as a reminder of no 的.

Adding these articles as a reminder of who chose this. (Regarding the "clear determination," I'd say that statement's backed up by 豺狼政权 的 电视剧 的 说, and I've only linked to this one because of the two examples I know of, it's the easier to find. Heh - easier than I thought to find the second. 她 是 皇上 的 妹妹.)

Adding this because that's three - keep it going!

Adding the following because I'm reminded of pop psych videos - are Junction Dwellers trying to gray rock anything they don't want to hear? It just sounds like "fine, he really is a pot-head nepo-baby who influenced his politician father during election season; but we've more pressing concerns now, like stopping White supremacists." (In the interests of accuracy, that's crack-head nepo-baby, not pot-head nepo-baby. My mistake.)

Adding this to ask, can you lot still differentiate? (Tangent: 表, 裏.)

Adding this because it looks like the count is up to four, five, six.

Noting - hang on, do I see 其一角 and 其二角 in another dynasty? And I think it's that 女医生 as well!

Ending with this because it's still a good idea.

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