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Study notes 12/8

First of all: yep, it was 其一角 and 其二角. (And 啊月! Need to double-check the 汉字, but 是她! 阿月 - fixed. Am I glad to have seen 她 with a 刀 in the other one. ...I can't be the only one who's noticed that 汉字 feels like using えもじ.) I'll admit to fangirl squee when seeing familiar faces in similar roles across multiple series - study materials. (Yeah.) And ACK - for all that is holy, skip to 1:50! I wonder if I'll find another common thread in this series as well.

Weird - this study material feels like the other side of not-Aesop. And as deep as a kiddie pool - if these girls didn't develop a complex, I'd be quite surprised. (Shoutout to translator with historical notes!) Really, really glad to have seen 啊月 (阿月) with a 刀. And going by the dialogue, the presents sound like implications in the feed. Yep, implications in the feed and applications of reading material. (Also, 她的父亲是懦夫 here too. 爹! 菊花的太医的女儿的说! 话, 不说.) Flip side of not-Aesop, or not-Aesop à la Aesop?

她 的 姐姐 的 杀 (凶杀, fixed) 是 reason to hedge in a manner worthy of any politician in an office? I wonder how one would qualify addressing a collective one's gathered as 仆从. And is that a snood or a bun ring-type hairpiece? I wonder if he's always had that vein there.

Posting these articles because now I can allow myself to link to the other reason for condolences in soccer, expecting such a regime to have no qualms about treating any of their own in that way.

Speaking of such a 政权, adding this for vocab 捷克 - the IME had 杰克 as the first option, 微软; why is that? Also this for vocab 台湾 - not seven, but certainly related.

豺狼政权 不是 你们 的 朋友, 酒肉 or otherwise. Vocab 台湾, 加拿大, 日本.

Adding this to highlight spoke too soon on the viability of the wet and squishies. (I might consider this a start; looking forward to better.) Yeah, this right here, Junction Dwellers? That's not better.

Adding this because eyes still on, Sundowner. How much time will the setbacks add to inflation's easing? End of your term, perchance?

Adding this to acknowledge the irony and to ask, all of them, including the ones who tried your way and disagree with you, having proved it to and in their own selves?

Ending with this because of a surprise comparison in the grammar.

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