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Something happened to the first bit of this spiel - Aesop-y study material with storyline that's simplistic enough to foretell 医生 uh-oh. Love the timing, hate the particular episode (just got attached to that kid). For all that it's crafted for its primary audience, the nuances and the timing with which they show up over the course of the series feels like what I've seen in Western series and franchises (hence the Aesop). Though I have to add here that the after-the-fact explanations and the narrow escapes due to "I was just passing by" feel like Regency Alfred - loved the book, but oy.

Adding this because 我看. (And going by this, I can take a guess as to why they've eyes on.)

Adding this because I thought for a moment that it was a defense of the term (specifically a redefinition by loosening its meaning when the initial definition is indefensible) rather than a simple description of the word, its contemporaries, and the circumstances under which they're developed and used. Reading the article, I can say that I've got a solid grasp of the term itself.

Adding this as a reminder to count the "bottomless Pinocchio" moments now that sundowner's more comfy. (Channel surfing can join the feudster, especially since it's a rerun and its schedule conflicts with study material.)

Aand there's another 角... back-ish to 乙女. And there 他 goes. Yeesh. 她的名字是李吗? Need to recheck 汉字, but that'd be hysterical if it were. Oh my holy sweatshirt, it is! And I wonder what that food is - some sort of dried fruit is my guess, but is it just a candy sort of thing or is it something else? Also, oy the symbolism. Seriously, 其二角 rubbed off way too much onto 其三 (? Yup) 角 over - what, two years? Of in-series time. Looks like the difference between 是 yes and 诺 yes is 'it is' and 'I'll do it.'

Ending with this because I'm curious.

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