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Study snippet 1/16

Aw, sweet timing! 普通话 在 法国! I'm used to seeing just the ep number, so I wonder if that's a title before the number or if it's a quote relevant to the episode's contents. Ooh, now I've got the specific base - 在 香港 和 在 法国! Though I wonder, of all the other countries or cities this study material could tie its action to, 他们 在 巴黎 为什么? And I'm wondering at tiny text in a clip from Aesop-not-Aesop. It doesn't seem like translator's notes, so is it an alternate translation for context? (Ding! Boo-yeah. Huh. Not quite, not for all of them - changing the font size to fit more of the translation rather than forcing a translation to fit the caption-subtitle timing.) Mais il dit 'magnifique,' pas Palamique. DUDE, WHAT THE SWEATSHIRT ARE SPACE COWBOY EGGS DOING IN MY STUDY MATERIAL?!

I also wonder at news of finances in one state, wonder how its specific policies compare to patterns in similarly led states and in the capital, and wonder if the term 'projecting much?' is a fit. Uh, fits. Is appropriate. Anyway, timeline on it's at least four now.

Speaking of 'projecting much?' 他 的 话 里 有 点儿 讽刺 的 味道. Apologies to 豺狼 政权 for construction, not sentiment; counting the ways in multiple ways; cheering fast track to 五十; and looking forward to 一百九十九.

Adding this to wonder just how sophisticated these 豺狼 政权 programs are - noting the person caught out in this has dual citizenship (though yeah, that's a duh moment), and reminding myself of another border.

Adding these articles and wondering if there's a record of how such things are unofficially tested closer by.

Huh. Meme sweatshops et al might want to have a read of this. (Look on the bright side. Your layoffs could be 40%.)

Ending with this because peeling.

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