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Subs over dubs

Current events are distantly tied to why I prefer the one over the other, but the tie feels solid enough.

Subs are closer to the source's meaning. They leave less room for flip-flopping on original standards. Which makes it even more imperative to note when such things undergo rewrites, and by whom those rewrites are enforced. (I wonder if this is an attempt to rewrite their own luck.)

Also, speaking of flip-flopping...

Also also, the one thing about this study material is that its ilk has had captions long before I knew what captions were. My question on these more recent examples is, who are these villains based on, and what religious sect uses similar clothing? Going by related clips, the hair and beards are consistent among them. (And 报仇 pops up a lot - not alot - in these shows.)

Adding this because, 敌害, in one search alone I've found two potential landing zones in populated areas (and I searched because I hadn't found this article, which has a more extensive list). Here's info from one that highlights the "completely different approach" used:

"Most nations’ rockets separate the launcher from the payload before leaving the atmosphere, with an extra engine on the payload giving a final boost and allowing the launcher to fall in a more predictable way.

But China appears not to want to spend weight on the second engine, and its 5B rocket – one of the largest in use – instead pushes fully into orbit before separating. The bus-sized launch section then travels through orbit for days or weeks before re-entering Earth’s atmosphere. Somewhere."

Here's a snippet from 吏僭:

"Chinese space exploration had always acted 'in accordance with international law and … customary practice.'" (Consider these examples of customary practice around international law.)

Run that by me again, 豺狼? Because it sounds like the same issue - the seat belt was left out of the design. Again.

Ending with this because multitasking.

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