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Sun check

While it's still too boiling to bake, there's more to be done.

For all that talk of wanting change, a publication chose an old white guy who turned out to be a sundowning

nepotistic what's-his-verse retconner whose administration's choices continue to damage his country's economy and global standing. The publication continues to do so after demonstrating weak journalism on more than one front; but hey, at least it's still on the side of the rainbow crew that's a more likely audience in a difficult environment. (Question - did he give up the side or did he give up on it?)

(Adding another example of the difficult environment that I meant to add earlier. Hang on - its own ratings or broadcast TV in general? If it's true that all numbers are declining no matter the channel; and if it's true that the specific network is only able to cut, and only cutting, its own hours; then it's a question of perception here - your ratings aren't so bad because the same's happening to everyone versus your ratings are shot. Sticking with the animals.)

Really, fundraising e-mail? Adding this because apparently bad cosplay is all that lot has in the face of flouting things like, IDK, gun restrictions.

Adding this because even a 豺狼政权 will forgo green energy to provide electricity to 他们的国人. (Vocab: 澳大利亚.)

(Adding this too because I'm certain I've said something along the lines of 'green energy isn't ready, so use fossils until they are;" and I seriously wonder about those who are meant to make decisions on the matter.)

Ending with this because I've got another book to find.

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