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Sun on that malarkey

How about I just copy-paste the title of your fundraising e-mail, Big Guy? It's this:

"You help us confirm what we’ve been saying all along: This campaign is people-powered."

Go ahead and say that again knowing that this is a recent headline:

Biden’s Campaign Fund-Raising Filing Shows Sluggish Small Donations - The New York Times (

So tell me, when you say "people-powered," which people do you mean? These?

Why Aren’t Democrats Calling Out Movie Studio Bosses Amid SAG Strike? Donations. (

You help me confirm what I've been saying all along.

Adding these articles for the proven gaslighters. From what I understand, this:

Benchmark Clarifications: Clarification 1: Instruction includes how slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit.

This is your problem? I'm thinking you lot earned the term "snowflake" all over again. The circumstances under which these people learned such skills undoubtedly, for lack of a better word, sucked, and the extent of the suckage I would say is amply covered in the rest of the curriculum; but those who could use what they learned to better themselves - one example I remember, both from my own education in the country where I am now a citizen as well as from recent news articles, was buy their freedom - did so with what they obtained through the suckage.

Yes, it sucked; no, it wasn't fair; and you lot haven't learned. You're an obstacle to those who will.

And one wonders, 微软, why the search doesn't push up links to the material in question, the curriculum in this case.

Or is "promoting" too lucrative? (By the way, still there.)

Adding this to note the background noise, if the clowns have anything left in them that can be bothered by what they do.

By the way, 40%, do your ads lie on a regular basis or just continue to disrupt the reading material? That's if they don't shut down the app entirely.

Adding this for the listening exercises - much thanks to the uploaders.

Distancing this wee one from the ads that precede it - cheers, kid.

Ending with this for notes.

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