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I'll start with this article because - well, circumstances aside, the sports event in question still holds considerable sway.

I wonder if there's an instructor who understands the meaning of "fair treatment of other countries" better than a howler of a 假道学 that would provide this sort of tutelage, knowing the 国 in question treats "the common home of regional countries" as "the hunting ground" to seek its own "geopolitical, private interests."

Behave like a 恶魔, expect to be called one; and imagination, in this case, is surplus to requirements when a 国 continues to demonstrate the sort of behavior that requires containment and suppression (I have to check "itinaboy." Got it - 'cast out,' also related to 'tapon' and 'itinakwil') and that this same 国 will continue to disregard any "self-proclaimed superiority" except its own. It's still difficult to find an exact term to use for 'gaslighter,' but I think 脱空汉 will continue to do for now, and I'm glad to see this sort of response to it.

Speaking of 脱空含 (a demonstration of what playing with IME can do), I keep getting reminders that there are more salesmen than Dorian out there, and with similar methods. With her situation, it involved followers posting on an ideological opponent's social media (using pet pictures, if memory serves - which it does). Reminding myself that the graph in the related articles compared social media engagement between ideologies without taking into account those on one side who flooded posts from the other.

I find that situation comparable to this article, which is at least willing to raise the question of whether those targeted are part of the area's population that leans conservative, or whether the news based on these numbers dubs these people as conservative because the area itself is.

Therefore, while I acknowledge the need for multiple parties, and though I find any entertainment from constituents of either party as enjoyable as another might, I keep the memory of who chose what. (Still there, 微软; and I'm including this article on the off chance it sparks some interest thataways.)

Ending with these articles because applause.

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