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Starting with belated acknowledgements because if anything reflects the spirit of the games, I'd say this story does; and of course there's an eye to celebrate overseas ties as well.

Condolences to these and all others who face a literal storm, but when both that storm and a medal performance bring out folk who are more concerned about how their 国 looks in the media, news about "the dignity and emotions" of such a people point to something still raw and tender as a driver even at this point in their development. Repetitive this may be, but of course I take into account the narrative delivered by their education, as well as by their media and by their most publicly visible political figures.

It's also going to be interesting to watch their contemporaries on this end, including those reliant on the hospitality of the host from within whose borders they're meant to broadcast, navigate this environment. What effect will it have on the reruns that show up in the broadcast lineup around here? What ads will pop up in between the reruns and online, what stock photos come up next to one headline or another in this go round?

The rawness I mentioned earlier, however, is something I ought to expect as global by now, especially when reading through these news as well as collecting articles such as these. (The pairing of articles in this sentence here isn't necessarily any pushback but my own, though I wonder if the mention of "colonial days" comes from a regime that's still trying for its own version of that -ism.)

Ending with this article because if there's a documentary showing the fetal version of this, I'm keen to find it.

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