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Sure about that base? Et cetera

I question whether a regime that's truly confident needs all 50 Cents at this point when it comes to any censorship. Vocab: 中国, 纽西兰.

I question whether a truly secure regime would treat yet another group of religious in this way (as opposed to having help from a self-muzzling politician in a cassock - and over earthquake donations, it seems). Vocab: 西藏.

I ask what provision such a regime has made for those outside its borders who look to their birthplace and to their current home. Vocab: 日本.

I wonder how much dialogue is proper for managing disagreement when one side has earplugs in and expects the other to remain silent. Vocab: 德国.

I raise an eyebrow at a regime that, due to its earlier policies, now wants a higher population but fines those willing to provide it; and I muse about the conditions within its walls that encourage leeks to proliferate. Vocab: 南辕北辙.

All of these earlier points I use to answer my question of whether it's the regime that causes the shaking; or rather, if it's the regime that's shaky itself.

And yes, I'm glad to see this pushback.

- Wait, so if these competitors were naturally born with characteristics that improve their competitiveness and were nevertheless barred, what does that say about the rules and the organization surrounding a competitor with surgical and chemical changes who's permitted to compete? Asking as the spectator with the popcorn at this show.

- A reminder of an answer I was looking for earlier. In this case, since white pepper has less of the active ingredient (piperine) than black, the latter's better in combination with turmeric's curcumin.

- Found the point I wanted to make on this article in the comments beneath it: if not forests, then why not kelp? There was another, earlier article (that I haven't found) about cracking purple sea urchins and, rather than harvesting them, leaving the flesh for other animals to eat while allowing the shells to repair acidification as they degrade. That, plus more rapid growth than trees, oxygenation of the surrounding waters, a habitat that can be added to soup, a habitat for something to add to soup...

I'm gonna go find soup.

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