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Oh, translations help so, especially in a replayable of one of the first episodes I ever saw of this study material! Ee! And it's the one with the thing with the sleeves and the hands! I mentioned earlier that I had cause to think some of this study material's heading into Aesop; two eps in, and it already feels like an 乙女 thing. Twenty-seven eps in, and I really hope that wasn't a sock. 他的妹妹在哪儿?(Or is that 在哪里?)

And in the search for the correct form of 哪那, I find 哪里有压迫, 哪里就有反抗. I love dictionaries.

Adding these as reminders for later.

Huh, study material's set in some luxurious high rise apartments.

Reupping this article on abortion still isn't the only issue that women vote for when it comes to their self-interest, but thanks for answering the three questions I had regarding individual panelists, the panel as a whole, and in what regard they hold their own audience. As part of the media they complain about, these bats, one would think, are aware of that problem in their messaging; however, one must acknowledge the consistency, surrounded as it is by 'you do you' disclaimers on voting priorities. To summarize - not the only issue, bats still think it should be, and they're still repeating it. (I've compared The Spin to bats twice here, and once earlier; to them I offer my most sincere apologies.)

Adding this because - huh, turns out it did happen.

Study material - 你这是 = what you got? What's this you got? What you got here?

Adding this because it looks to me like a response to the want of accuracy - of things like the definition of "is," for instance.

Penultimate this because it isn't edutainment - despite the 'if not by name, by nature' of the guy, dude, keep it shaved!

Ending with the expectation of further edutainment.

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