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Tea and a quilt

One finds news to set oneself at ease in odd places. Let's see - old misogynist comedian in a rerun situation that exemplifies the intolerance of the self-anointed tolerant, old head of state who racializes a vote instead of accepting he was the less experienced candidate when he first ran... ah, here, meaningless entertainment fluff.

I've seen this video in my recommendations before, one on a famous showman who debunked those using their craft to take advantage of the credulous, but it came up again recently. If such a thing is enough of a writing prompt to use one's own work to treat with prejudice a star sign, even one's own, and to generalize based on what one assumes is another person's sign, I find myself at ease in the view that such pieces smack of wounded pride, not intuition. (Got a problem with styrofoam back there?)

Not as fluffy, this bit, but I'm also quite comfortable agreeing with the sickles' point in this headline (that many countries already have a code?) without forgetting the radio guy's privilege, the kid's lawsuit, the musings on how to eliminate bits of government that weaken their position, or the proposed sale of an underperforming asset, the same way I'm comfortable in the knowledge that "fair and balanced" is a tagline that's as naive and rightfully obsolete as "most trusted." It's great to have multiple sources for satisfying one's curiosity, even on topics such as these. (There goes my mackerel.)

A gladsome topic such as food is as good a place to end as any. It's still a bit odd to think of something less than a month old as old, but finding a bit of pleasantness tucked away makes me wonder what sort of tea goes with pastrami.

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