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Teeter's a funny word.

I'm reminded of why I prefer C-Span to any network that decides to play gotcha with its viewers - it points out something that continues to irk, that so much on other outlets continue to ignore. Here's the imbalance that's been pointed out - under the same circumstances that this pandemic has brought, why is it so much braver to gather to protest racism than it is to protest the loss of livelihoods? (I really hope that local politician was joking about that forest fire thing.)

As important as the issue of race is, I continue to take with a grain of salt anything from news outlets that have proven themselves closer to a geopolitical rival long before articles like this came out. These are people who have chosen to tilt their work in favor of a government that says this and does this and this, which makes such people look rather complicit in the damage caused.

I might be over-simplifying again, but it sure looks like an attempt to improve the optics on the decisions of a lot of bad actors.

(And speaking of bad optics, the tentacle beast was in court last I saw - can't forget that. I know some of these are a bit outdated, though it feels unsettling to say such a thing about articles little more than a week old at this point. Still looking for updates.)

Updates so far:

Consensus? Great. Still need this guy?

Veritas tarnished.*

When plants and animals aren't enough for economic conflict.

Looks like States-based networks can look north to someone else who caved in.

*Congratulations to the alums, but there's no spinning who your school chose to lie for.

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