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I have really got to catch the last snippet of whatever 她 said before 她 knocked 他 out - 你谁 something.

I wondered for a moment if I should acknowledge the willingness of a publication to release its own poll despite that poll opposing what the publication tends toward. (Trying to fix this, at a guess.) Then I remembered reading about what Madam Term Limits decided to dismiss and yeah, I'll acknowledge the poll, and all the other 'outliers' that make her party a running joke. (That's four separate polling organizations, though there may be some room to consider roughly 1,000 to 1,900 respondents as 'not that big of a sample.') Talking over others, politician, is only effective when it's not application of reading material.

Speaking of application of reading material, how about this as an example for the following quotes:

"That's been important to me, is to reflect the middle of the country." Which middle - income or geography?

"If that's what you have to say to win, fine." Which got the memo first, your office or your broker?

Adding this because cute ads, tentacle beast.

Switching with this because it's useful information and a sentiment I like. (Hah! Peel it! Told you!)

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