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Rhyming slang's a bit odd - entertaining it may be, but it takes longer to say "Scapa Flow" than it does to just say "go." Appropriate sentiment for incoming books; and yes, it rhymes! Though I'm guessing I'm not the first to find another thing to add to the list when the shipment's already on its way. (Correction: Eee!)

The aspect that really makes a body sore is the aftermath of a choice one did not make continuing to affect more than the one who made that choice; and if a snippet of a state fair in the feed is enough of an opiate to distract from one's part in the surrounding situation, no wonder viral videos abound. To be fair, that kitten stampede (boingy) would be entirely adorable whether or not news on Mr. Lomax was around.

(Seriously, if the regular slips on which one was running for POTUS and which one for veep wasn't enough of an omen, that's on the individual voter; and gosh, I really don't mind exercising my memory like this.)

Ah, a bright side, a bright side - at least this administration still can affect matters worldwide. (More 睁眼瞎 than 浑然不知, though of course it's neither considering the awareness this 政权 requires of its surroundings to control the way it spins.)

Adding this because vocab 日本.

If it's to be more playing with the SEOs, then I'm re-upping this article on how legacy bastions, through their own activity, boost the usefulness of local news coverage. (Also, oof.)

Adding this and hoping the next step is quicker.

Ending with this because oh, how it fits.

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