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Terms 12/28

Dreams in the background noise clash with yesterday's, which contained an admonishment about dwelling on dreams. Switching to something that makes me consider exactly why I'd rather have historical fiction than something roughly soap opera-ish as study material. Maybe it's because I can glean more information about a culture from something they set in another time or even in a fantasy world, though the story itself might be structured like a modern soap opera.

I wonder if the subset of The Junction that holds astrology cares to remember that retrograde isn't about the planets moving backward on their one-way track (because they don't) but about their outdated pseudoscientific insistence on misaligning the little they think they see with what they actually are seeing. (How very flat-earthy.) As a whole, Junction Dwellers must really be sore to mad lib with SEO terms cribbed off social media, implicate whoever threatens their bubble, then cry conspiracy theory when they themselves are caught basing their work off bad information. (Again.)

In an earlier post, I'd either alluded to or directly mentioned how the Antikythera Mechanism's method of computing astronomy movements (or modern astrology calculators) could be paired with modern AI text generators to do what some humans do to subsidize liver damage and functional glass art (what? I can acknowledge there are some very pretty bongs out there). Come now, astrologers, save yourselves a pile of time the way college students and cover artists now do, and save your news organizations (or half-activist digi-tabloids) a bit of labor cost.

(Replacing with curiosity an entirely-meant screed on astrologer Skeeters who've earned rounds with the blood quill through writing backed with pseudoscientific woke-palatable -isms.)

Speaking of SEO terms, if they're what determine the articles and videos in my feed (do I understand the explanation on your page correctly, DubiousTool?), I'll be only too glad to make use of them, as well as the unexpected finds in my own searches. That said:

  • nepo baby (silly me thinking literacy was important to 你们 - man, I hope this guy's joking, because even the little I can write is better than this. ??? 是个好名字? Is some of this supposed to be calligraphy with the wrong writing utensil? Then again, based on this sample, I might be able to write about that legibly; but I've studied with native speakers whose writing I've seen is far better - and if you've seen this, so have you),

  • concubine,

  • mafia,

  • progressive,

  • decline...

I'll add more as I find and/or think of them.

Adding these for vocab 北韩, 意大利.

Adding this to offer condolences to the ill, and to question when the successor, who squandered his chance at peace by choosing complicit silence until firmness could no longer achieve what force now must, will take his place in retirement.

Adding this and recalling a social media post that declared, if its poster were a billionaire, "compulsively fixing shit" was on the to-do list; I'd say initiatives to provide communications during protests and "special military operations," even that carbon capture contest (was it this?) which some argued could be solved by 'that's a tree' (and if so, then I'd add seaweed to that argument), comes a lot (not alot) closer to that measure than, say, a yacht. (Not including the indoor farm project, Lex - I knew it was one of the two rivers! - since I'm betting that it's yet another for-profit venture.)

I'm still inclined to think y'all Junction Dwellers got triggered when y'all got outed. I've minimal expectation for meme sweatshops, but I have to ask - is that gaslighting enough for you Skeeters to get back to work earning rounds with the blood quill, or are you actually ready to do better?

Ending with this for study material brick chick.

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