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That Ivy from a college or a comic book?

This situation's likely been put through a Mad Libs litmus test several times at this point, but it's a handy enough measure, replacing the term White in a statement with Asian, Black, Latino, or any other term denoting a person's skin tone or origin. When it comes to this issue specifically, there's a time difference between one publication's upload and another's; but time doesn't change that replacing one racial reference with another makes the firearm statement sound racist, and that removing any racial reference makes the sentence sound homicidal. And once again, it's from a person with an advanced degree working with a noted institute of higher learning.

I'll ask again, whose philosophies do universities reflect in their output?

I'd be remiss not to mention that reading more material around the one loaded statement sounds like sentiments familiar, but the statement itself is another reminder that a degree is no guarantee of good judgment; though I'd say it'd be a downright shame to add MD to PhD to the list of titles to question.

- Maybe it's been pointed out by now that the difference between the country and the state, if I recall, is that people want out of 北韩. Some figures for the state in question, and just for kicks and giggles, here's another state to compare. (The search term I used is "population change" - have a look at the highest points on the World Population Review graphs. Or the growth rate. That works too.)

- In order to encapsulate my initial reaction to this article in the most concise manner possible, I'll link to this video clip.

- Nearly forgot to mention - human? Maybe. Error? Still there, 微软.

- Ending with this because, even though I've used both methods, there are additional arguments to the use of utensils that I hadn't considered and find worthwhile.

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