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That material an air demo?

I've yet to check whether I'm centered or overcorrecting - it's early days yet.

In the middle of fresh examples of senility and its aftermath on his staff, The Junction clings to last year's material. Come now, mix it up a bit! Maybe with news on, say, the backbreaking labor and inhuman indignity of toil in meme sweatshops.

(Adding this here because "convenience at what cost" remains, TB.)

I wonder if using nicknames like The Rooster (ah, text, thanks), The Snake, and The Pig in relation to certain issues would be more appropriate than the ones I've been using. Knowing that authority works against its constituents' best interests (not even a paywall can hide these numbers, politician), loyalty is to the opposite of observed experience, and sanctity is more likely to be reserved for non-medical prosthetics in shop class, I laugh in expectation of someone making the argument about truth being on a spectrum.

(Adding the apologist for this mess - I note specifically what sounds like a comedy monologue putting the preschool in with the preborn. (Wait, preborn + preschool and anti-woman?) People are still leaving and business declining in the state to the point where its own narrative can't ignore it - how is that anywhere near 'knowing better?' What twisted notion of compassion is this when a political party claims the high ground on people from outside the borders while being unable to handle the people around them now?

Like I said, I also laugh at yambags.)

Facts do come to the rescue in the words, deeds, and coverage of the old man and his cleanup crew, and it's easy enough to find this information even from sources that don't claim a move to a timeslot with fewer eyes (and eyes distracted with breakfast on top of that) is a promotion.

Adding this because keep going.

Adding this to ask, is this a case of Meph reaping its just desserts from associating with a 豺狼政权, or of that company having milked out what it could before 豺狼政权的国 spits it out? (Cough fratello cough.)

Adding this because 他们有没有撒谎, 豺狼政权? (他说了 "我不是储户.") I'm at the third line down on this study material - country-held large-scale business bank? And if the last few 汉字 stay the same, eighth line down - rural area business bank. (And that's why one watches for translations later in the video.)

Adding a quick note on who's a good financial tool for Hasheem K. to use on texts I block?

Adding a quick note to acknowledge the mess begging for the sundowner-in-chief.

Ending with the expectation of laughing later on.

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