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That's a (those are) smart choice (smart choices)

My birth country's had two female presidents so far, so considering a vote for one who's running here isn't so far fetched. The policies she supports are something to consider as well - anyone who rattles the cages of those in higher tax brackets is, at the least, entertaining. And if she's willing to stand up for herself, even against a friend, it's an admirable display of personal strength. Yes, I think this one of two female candidates would be just the one to mark off on the ballot. Or maybe the other one. I'll ponder the matter further while I get rid of enough of these cartridges and bottles so I can get out the door.

Thanks again to the recommendations, which never fail to consider the interests and feedback of the reader.

**If an article that makes an ambiguous choice is meant to generate a clear response, then my ambiguity here is the mistake. But if it supersedes an article with a more definite choice and, as I'm guessing, it's meant to winnow down a wider field of candidates, then that's another matter.

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