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That's the issue on the table?

How does chocolate cake at a state dinner compare to exports and local industries? (Or bacon and cheese, but I digress.) And is a person really expected to leave off one duty in favor of another that's already been delegated to someone more experienced at handling it? From what I see, it's as if accusations range from it's wrong not to consult before a military strike (what, too hotheaded?) or it's wrong to remain at a meal while being informed of the result (what, too flippant?). Is it suggested that a better idea would be to abandon the guest who's there with the cake? What harmony or strategy is there in that suggestion?

This is the same spirit that decides to use yeoman instead of layman (language that explains a situation without the use of technical jargon is known as "layman's terms"). It's the spirit that ought to make one wary of those who, with the hard work that earned them the letters after their names, have the dangerous capacity to misrepresent information in fields from evolution to biology to history (I haven't forgotten Harriet, doc) in favor of their own ideologies.

This is why I value the words of dead authors and comedians over those of living experts and their talking heads - at that junction of the highly motivated, there is only discord. Silly me for thinking there'd be more of a change than that on the calendar.

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