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That's why beer's an ingredient

Found the recipe for ramen dough - high-gluten flour, extra gluten, and, though the label isn't always yellow, the bottled ingredient is correct.

Huh. This fictional character's statement assessment of foods common to a vegan diet sounds like what I've read and seen on commercial monocultures. If so, and the growing of those foods (soy and almonds are the first that come to mind) cause as much damage as, or more damage than, raising livestock (genes follow soy and bees follow almonds), then any pangs felt by going against the dietary zeitgeist are minuscule.

When it comes to this article on a historical cultural figure, I hear it speak of cultures being somehow more inclusive and tolerant (I found interesting the mention of leporellos) than contemporary pop culture around here would present, with its plastic-pool depth issues on eyes-skin-appropriations-convictions.

Metatron-as-in-wizard is not Megatron-as-in-bot. Double-check assumptions (stick on a heater) and scrap the ones that don't reflect the original statement.

Ending here with more tea-茶-чай to keep a weather eye on. (Hyperlinks still need more than one character.)

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