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That which feeds actually in the feed

Completely unrelated to the material below, but I'd like to begin with a reason to eee!

I don't understand why 豺狼政权 are so angry at a report that keeps silent on - there are two terms I could use on that front, 种族灭绝 and 种族清洗. The dictionary (I should say the dictionary I use, since still there 微软's plenty enough of an example that dictionaries vary) shows the same translation using a few other terms, with 汉字 from the primary two inverted and abbreviated. If I were to compare the abbreviations to something in English, I'd go with the example of a fictional political party shortened to the term IngSoc. Also, considering prior examples, I'd hazard a guess that the 豺狼政权 would prefer to use 种族清洗 in relation to their activities in vocab 新疆.

Aw, is the feed reacting with the 众怒 of 豺狼 with an 恶名不虚传 from all the 撒谎? 他们 没有撒谎 (there, that oughta fix it) - 京没有人权.

你们 的 豺狼政权 气压 你们的 国人你们的 四邻八舍, and 你们的 decisions put 他们的水土 at risk as well as 你们的水土. 你们的豺狼政权不值得敬意.

Ending with this because although it isn't my thing, it might keep that reason to eee! going.

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