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The choice stands

I said Trek, not Wars; and to that I hold, despite what follows.

Keeping a link to these circumstances because it's relevant to the repost.

Mr. Biden, you've been visibly unfit to govern since your run for office, you'll lie about the death of one son for the feels, you'll nepo baby the other son from punishment that your lot demanded be visited upon your predecessor, and on top of that, you still tried to pass the buck back to that predecessor for your literally bloody disaster. (Now wondering how one would refer to nepotism involving relatives aside from your offspring.) The people who chose you made a piss-poor choice; and while I enjoy being right, there's more than myself who has to live in this aftermath. Going by poll numbers, they don't enjoy it either:

"Biden isn’t just struggling with independents and near-unanimous disapproval among Republicans. He’s also soft among Democrats and left-leaning demographic groups, a weakness that suggests a diminished enthusiasm for his candidacy — though something that could be papered over by partisan voting patterns in the general election."

Bad enough that, by having influencers attached to a particular organization in general, you've got conflict of interest with an organization that's on record messing with reporters and user virality; but I'm especially angry now because I've just read about a specific attempt to keep an office undeserved, one whose duties you are incapable of fulfilling. Multiple bans from government devices (what ethics violations?) and an upcoming statewide ban aren't enough to pry your claws off that seat, nor are they enough for those who can be paid for some lazy arguments that 'just don't feel right.'

You and your ilk are literally using the tactics and tools a 豺狼 政权 does to keep yourselves where you are. That continued disregard of your citizens' well-being is exactly why any say I may have, I say against your party and against you.

(Highlighting yet another lazy argument from Plan B - it's the material from the content creator, not the platform itself, that's educational. If that content can be uploaded onto a similar platform with a similar format, then the educational value of that content remains the same, without the ethics violations.)

I reused much of the material above because of who among the ilk is on the list of people who made a piss-poor choice that he's now trying to deflect. (Another reason to go for classic books - they're more enriching than the dishwater they've been turned into.) And his party will have deserved what it's getting. (Not a fair comparison on enrichment - I've found more uses for dishwater. Ahem, 豺狼 政权.)

Adding this because, senator, it looks like the protest is against the very issues it causes. When's the convention again?

Adding this for (let's see if I can do this from memory) vocab 英国, 美国, 加拿大, 意大利, 法国, 德国, 日本, nope. (欧盟, there. Counting the ways.)

Adding this for a sentence construction exercise: 中国 的 豺狼 政权 张牙舞爪. 中国 的 豺狼 政权 恃强凌弱. 中国 的 豺狼 政权 文攻武吓 台湾. (Better fit.) 所以 (<<NB!) 中国 的 豺狼 政权 文攻武吓 still there 微软 人 - 在 台湾 和 在 他们 的 国. (There, fixed.) Alam ka na ba nga hindi sila kaibigan, 酒肉朋友?

Adding this fix for some ugliness. (Also this.)

Ending with this because cilantro.

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