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The Day, And What Goes On

太后 知道 他 的 母亲 和 她 的 姐姐 是 同. I enjoyed the show, even as I solidify my view on such people. And I'd bet on this variety show in the feed making a game out of testing cast members on lines from certain scenes - good to know what goes on at cons goes on at cast reunions elsewhere. Sweet! 扳指! Also, it's been a while since I first became aware of using contraindications comme les choux du comte being an expected plot point - in mysteries, yes, but I've only noticed it in historical fiction within a shorter span of years than I thought before, and it seems a more frequently used device in these series. It's all long game here, with two ingredients benign in their separate recipes becoming 毒 when eaten together over - how long were they eating those desserts?

Adding this as a reminder of the 豺狼政权 whose study material I currently enjoy. (今 不 要 书 吗, 你们?)

What a lazy justification, fobbing off an insistence on one's own view because of past dismissal, rather than acknowledging that insistence is based on one's own view being supported by events both current and historical. Good thing the consequences of not listening to what's outside the bubble are already here.

I see a political party that insists it's better for women, but rewrites language and creates domestic policy that diminishes them and chooses foreign policy that endangers them, and is more concerned with making monuments of its more visible members than addressing their constituents' needs.

What sort of "fair shake" are you looking for, Sundowner, when since your campaign and into your tenure you've addressed your nanny using the post you now hold? Is one supposed to look away from every single accommodation that's been and being made for your failing faculties when those accommodations clearly aren't enough to support you? Because "fair shake" means looking at those, too, not just what you want people to see - or would you rather make the state of state-owned media official by name as it is informally by nature?

Am I supposed to regard as an accomplishment nanny's visit to another country's border? How is that better?

I thank this cap-tooth for one thing - making the choice not to run; but your counterpart chose his constituents over incoming immigrants, while you didn't. You don't get to blame him for the problems you face having made the opposite choice. Get a mirror, politician. (That is, if you're not too busy with that train thing - or does the finger for that issue point elsewhere as well?)

And I have to include the radioactive. (Luggage is larger than a breakfast skillet or a travel tube of perfume, but the zeitgeist seems to be OK with this.)

I chose давай (adding this for a view nearer theirs) and - does vocab 台湾 use 加油? - and I hold to those choices; but if these other stories reflect what a party as a whole are okay with, from small to large, such actions reflect the flag they choose, and it's not the one under which that lot swore themselves into office.

Ending with this because I'm oddly more curious about how the foods were sorted.

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