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The effects of the long game

There's a much stronger tie between these articles, one that crosses decades and an ocean. Numbers have reflected for a while, I think, what's coming into my feed more frequently regarding population change, but this is an example of a policy in one 国 directly affecting a life in another. (Tradition among those who enacted that policy would have chosen to effect a life other than hers.)

To be more accurate, going by these articles, this specific life's been affected by two policies from the same regime. In this case, the first policy regarding population control accelerated the current effect of global circumstances within their borders. As entertaining as I find the clips that tie into the second policy regarding information control, I'm guessing any effects will take place considerably more quickly than decades, and on an equally global scale.

For those who would travel to the literal stars, I offer my encouragement as I ready the finger foods with which I'll watch the rocket launches. (Inadvertent tongue-twister in that last bit there. Try it.) For a regime whose head is still in 十年不晚 (literally - an earlier post contains the change from two five-year terms), I continue to 看 what I can. For those who would follow such an example within these borders, I continue with my customary response to that party's correspondence.

Digression, this, but I'd say this is is a guo that can handle its own disruption and politicization in any game.

Ending with this because, despite my tendency to simpler hairstyles, this collection is epic.

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