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The effort continues with,

Of all people, this unreliable source who wants to talk about accountability.

First of all, bye.

Second of all, not watching the network directly in part because of watching interview (not this one, I think the kid on the earlier one was blond - there we are, got it. Was my memory 19-ish minutes in? Yeah, about the opinion network. 'Policymakers' opinions are news' - hence the separation between news reporting, which could include policymakers' opinions that might become policy, and op-eds, that allow newscasters such as the departing to monologue about their own opinions).

Third, here's a look at three different sources (that was odiously quick - highlight in the first two minutes, nigh immediately past the ad) on either side of a days-old issue. The difference I see here when it comes to accountability is between those who seek to silence, and those who do the opposite.

And Brian Stelter et al sought to silence. (Huh. Looks like et al still does.)

Noting that the only sort of horrors et al's 'herbal oil in glass vial slip so mAgIc' meme sweatshop level analysis is capable of facing exists in the backdrop of science fiction. Also, shopper, don't be too down if the soccer doesn't pan out - alcohol's not that destructive, red with a mouth was an anti-hero at worst, and green and animated didn't pan out either, but you're still OK.

Adding this because did 你们的国人 just call someone out for being a designer knockoff? Also, vocab 日本, 台湾.

Ending with this because at the moment, I'm choosing citrus over potatoes.

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