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The eyeliner's not for him, poor dear...

Another consequence of binge-watching feels rather similar to binge-reading, though I wonder if that feeling's because the series is skewing even more Aesop-y (and soppy) right now. There's a book series that went from trashing a Ranger's cars to trashing his bodyguards which, instead of developing the protagonist, only added new characters and repeated the existing pattern. I think I made it to Book 13 before I sought out another author, and from what I saw, the TV series for the latter did better than the movie for the former.

Yeesh, 她 放弃了 他, 不 放弃 她 自己. (Should there be a 了 in that second bit, I wonder?) Not to mention 他 绝望了. Huh - 她 放弃了 他 applies, but I'm thinking 她 绝望了 他 might fit better, though I wonder if there's some grammar to fix in that.

I have to laugh and ask if the woke are running so low on -isms against which to tilt that they have to create another. I don't mind having a fresh example to add to the list, so feel free to continue the demonstration, for the sake of myself and my notebook.

Oof, that's why on the eyeliner... (And yes, the existing pattern repeats. The pattern was under the hat all along?! Yeesh, the fic in the feed... And that's why I like rain. If 三角, then 四角? Nope, 方. 五角? Debauchery! Ah...not his sister, not a sock. And no, it doesn't rhyme! (她 不是 他 的 妹妹; 我 知道 他们 在 哪儿. 我 不 知道 说 - ? - 他们 在 哪儿. 我 不 可以 说 他们 在 哪儿.) So why does it seem like he collects kid sisters? Yep, sanctions in here too.)

What about 这个 女人? (Not 奴人, 微软. Why do I have to shift IMEs to write the correct 汉字?) Yeesh, that's cutting it fine. (And almost literally.) 你 也 不 明白 吗? Boo-yah! Read part of a name correctly before the translations came up! Sod you, mate, I'mma celebrate doing that at speed. 他 是 君子, 也 兵员 的 国人 (?). Huh. 他们 的 同胞. In that case, I'll correct an earlier statement to 河蟹 可以 霉 他们同胞.

Adding this as a reminder of who else received similar support.

Adding this because 豺狼发动了.

Ending with this because I wonder what it tastes like.

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