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The grain in every story

Huh. 花嫁 music in the background noise.

If I remember correctly (and it turns out I do), there's a theory that Noah's Ark and Gilgamesh's flood aren't myths, but a retelling of a large-scale natural event, a bit like one of the Dreamtime stories in vocab 澳大利亚. There has to be some academic who's put forward the theory that the story of the Garden of Eden is likewise related to the creation of the Sahara.

The background noise of fiction can entertain, inspire, and reassure, but it can also function as a record that points to usable material - from prehistoric environmental conditions to cues for transitions in movement. The record is why I continue to use it, and why I keep on hand the saying "the bigger the grain, the better the story." Thing is, it sure does seem that the grain's getting smaller, and what respect is due to that which erodes the grain?

Belated addition because it'll take more than ya think? to erode the memory of an earlier choice, but do try - at least it'll do some good somewhere.

Adding this because I like limes.

Adding this because I read an article earlier on captioners who lighten their load using speech-to-text software, and I wonder if the organization I linked to addresses that issue - mishears can escalate from what's-a-nert to WTF real quick.

Ending with this because I'm curious.

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