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The Junction eternal

Some things are certain, such as: the state of being informed is a choice.

(Adding this name game to note a Junction Dweller on The Spin who found out that she'd been bashing someone who told the truth all along, and only just now caught on. I don't expect a whups.)

It's a shame that those who have studied to be so informed and to bring information to others choose to relay that which catches them out as slow learners ("hard to say" how shameful it is of such people to try ignoring this, for example) and deems it appropriate to drop material such as these (did Junction Dwellers not catch the lesson on dating app usage?) into the feed -

I'd be interested in the explanation these dubious tools come up with regarding why such articles continue to end up in the feed, because the input that puts it there and puts it in with this sort of timing sure as shooting isn't mine. (I'll add the screenshot with the foot photo article once I find it.)

(Formatting aside, I wasn't kidding about the foot photo article.)

Adding this because considering the state of the state - ick, don't.

Adding this because a retconner and a poser to replace a sundowner? (Whups, maybe this better illustrates the poser.) Anyway, ick, don't.

Adding this because I agree with the poll. Read the previous additions for the reason why.

Ending with this to use with sails.

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