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The list builds

Had to check the definitions of scalar and vector, but I understand the comparison now.

Going by these numbers and a continued awareness that there's a point when dark hair and long legs comes from hair dye and a good tailor, I tend to counter rather than rely on appearances in the feed. (Adding this and rooting for the culture that considers such a thing to be fashion to hop on in there.) I'm more keen on keeping awareness of how exposing the manner in which information is used forces an organization to concoct terminology in order to make it seem like it's still reliable, rather than something reduced to an owl in a cop car. (Have read it, still haven't rhymed.)

The saying 'trust the science' held more sway when it functioned as a check to one's own perception rather than as rationalization for behavior that turned out to be irrational. (Yes, tense intended.) How many numbers so far attest to how manipulating perception has reached the point of placing an old and ailing man in a position that continues to affect so many others? And affect them for better or - well, some term that fits the current situation. (Adding this because thanks for caring just as much. How's your advice page? Eh, pat?)

Adding this to yet another list (I count three here - reading, sundowning, and where-have-I-seen-this-before-政权-oh-yeah).

Adding this because the hours in the study material now make sense! (I ought to acknowledge the inspiration for learning. 谢谢 熊兄弟, 豺狼 豺狼 豺狼 豺狼, 隶僭 - photo for comparison - 和 敌害叨教.)

Replacing with thanks for keeping your dog from digging through.

Ending with this to go with the building.

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