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The scene at the airport

I wondered for a bit why obits kept showing up in the feed among more pressing news. If situations such as this are driven by the junction's discomfort, my guess for an action plan would be to remedy the situation or grow accustomed to the discomfort. Looks rather like the departed and his coverage both show that the remedy would be less profitable. Now back to the material that made it past the screenshots:

- I'd linked to something earlier about the internet making things unreal; here's a пример of the same method weaponized in a sense so very near to literal.

- Does this guy count in the 曲笔? Because there was far less vitriol when he benefited the 政权 in question.

- Vocab: 印度, 日本, and (this made me laugh, considering the construction) 宿弊.

- (Adding articles as a reminder that if even this person can receive such treatment, anyone will. Leashed to what sells!)

- Seeing the way this sign points is a relief, despite the details.

- Without discounting the stated concerns, so far I'm liking how this alternative tackles.

- Rooting for the admission process to get the green light, though it sure looks like it's got that solid.

Ending with this because I wonder if there's a way to get the same effect with recycled materials rather than by mining.

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