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The view I needed

From those who A) kept a closer eye on B) those they voted for comes a bit of info on interviews as well as debates. In the feed and in search results, I'm running into more stories about Junior refusing to attend when a closer look shows that more than one candidate did similarly, including the runner-up and the boxer. Live debate shows what happens when panelists don't softball any candidate onstage or coddle them on camera.

Bee's cagey in answering the question (thanks, professor) - in or out? (Finally.) 'Work with, not part of' is a common theme. Dang, 20%? One panelist asked about family members subject to examination when called upon, same as the politicians they're tied to - link. Network mission statement for the debate ("ituloy," if I'm right, can be translated to 'make it happen') and voice on the street; debate back on air at 22:42. Escort ships for fishers - two put that forward. (Tan shoes?) Signatories - this is where I'm wary about Junior (Bert knows 谁更文字). Make that three. What will encourage adherence to a concept that has been repeatedly discarded? (You couldn't set the ads up in applause breaks, Meph?) Extra time, repeat and one detail on the program. Saying conflict is unwanted, but preparing for it. Dude, you already said that. Book? And fish just happen to be part of the territorial issue. Not exactly an answer to an issue that involves a party with earplugs, Junior - emphasis on repeatedly discarded. Training detail. Who's +2-3-4 to this? Professor knows the earplugs are in, and on the rivers as well. Junior's still not answering the question - what makes it robust and effective; what removes the earplugs? "Every avenue" is no answer yet, and what surrounds the no-answer-yet sounds like a reliance on division through bilateralism. There's 2-3-4.

If language reflects thought (still there, 微软), then I question the effectiveness of diplomacy in this situation if 酒肉朋友 insists on maintaining 文字. (Lexicon increases.)

Watching the debate points to shared language, and an eye on which way Junior's alignment leans, despite talk on maintaining sovereignty. Still looking to shape up on this side of the Ring, or will there be more articles like these?

Adding this to acknowledge slightly less complicit silence, and this to keep an eye on +2-3-4.

Ending with this because - huh, I know I've looked up the topic before, but there's an odd feeling I've something similar further back in the stack.

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