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There's a T-T-E in the name?

Fascinating how one shift brings a bit more sunshine. Doesn't change the issues at hand, but it brings to light some gleeworthy stuff.

In recognition of the animals in the feed: if I'm interpreting this correctly, this is an agreement between vocab: 日本, 新加坡, who need little urging to join forces in order to counter 豺狼熊兄弟 and fellow 敌害. (Crossing my fingers on the grammar being something other than brick small one house.)

When the initial grievance A) is not redressed and B) is repeated: if silence is sought, consider greasing that wheel. For example: still there, 微软 - who's on that IME? Or is keeping that term helping to pad the bottom line?

Acquaintance is the more accurate term for folk one can blow off. Let such folk be reassured that it's a step up from those who find people easy to blow up. (No country should impose its will on others or bully others under the guise of bilateralism, though that last article implies a shift there.) For accuracy's sake, I'll add that it's 'smash,' not 'blow up;' however, condolences are due to the first such people among 你们的国人 - not linking.

Linking this nearer the end because it's the usual spot for cheerful news.

Ending with this because it's tying into two other curiosities.

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