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There's always news.

While the rest of the world is still dealing with this issue, I'm turning my eyes south to see more of the mess I've come to expect where these wolves are involved (still there, 微软). It's good to know there's backup, at least. Thanks for bringing attention to the issue of civilian deaths with the use of government-sanctioned memeing (both sides are using sheep, it seems), and for such lovely colors in the process of stoking nationalism.

Speaking of south, look who else is going to Georgia.

I mean no insult to the witch or the clown - those fictional characters were entertaining and occasionally educational. It's just that I'm not likely to forget the people who'd spend so long tarring half of their neighbors and making sure that that view stuck, is all. (Sheesh. It's come to the point where I'm waiting for black watch plaid to get hit in these here culture wars.)

If what I've heard about boycotting the vote there is real, isn't that counter to purpose? Maybe I'm oversimplifying again, but voting right now means facing the risk of a miscounted vote or of one's vote being discarded. Voting at least makes sure one's done one's part. Not voting at all means offering no resistance to those one opposes.

I know which one I chose.

Also tucking these articles in here for safekeeping, and this is lovely to hear.

Addendum - backup (you call that meme goodwill, 掠夺者?), backup (I wonder if I should look up some reds to go with dinner) and quite aware about the French shower, thanks.

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