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They don't need that talk.

Surprisingly enough, there exist oldsters who know that kindness comes in different skin tones. Speaking with individual examples who support one side of the narrative and generalizing to encompass the whole is just another play in the card game. What I see is another effort to spin the discomfort of someone who was raised in a culture of not making waves, one who applies that upbringing in a new group of friends.

Why is it acceptable for, say, comedians to joke about things like snack food (nachos come to mind), but forbidden for others? They're permitted to make a living from their life experiences, speak of and laugh about what they've suffered, but it seems like that permission is denied to others who don't have an Instagram following. What is systemic racism but the sort of racism that affects individual relationships, spread across a larger group of individuals?* I'd like to think that people are aware enough to know that racism is not exclusively from one color against others.

Speaking for these oldsters of mine, these teachers and nurses, they know the people they work for and with. They're capable of determining how to treat the students, patients, soldiers around them based on how they themselves have been treated - funnily enough, the characteristics that make someone pleasant or otherwise to them seem to be the same despite the shade that someone wears or the background they hold, and it's insulting (dare I say a shade racist?) to imply that empathy and awareness are somehow reduced in the population as a whole because of their own history as Asians.

Thank you for the advice on how to educate my parents, but I trust their judgment, even if your wokeness doesn't.**

1) Another example of the devolution of language into some crass travesty of communication when the speaker knows he's in the wrong.

2) When cultural change is brought about by those who have been paid to distort perception, who have to take back their words and say that what someone said isn't what someone said, it's oddly magical to watch these talking heads eat each other alive. But if it comforts people to believe in things like bilocation rather than face the fact that they're working off misinformation from bad actors, then let them seek their opiates where they may.

I might be paraphrasing this incorrectly, but I'd like to think the sentiment is accurate here - they came for you, and by that time there was no one left to speak up.

6/12 - Edited to add links and further opinions, as well as to fix grammar.

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