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They're funny when they're shouty.

I didn't really need more proof that TV lineups respond to current events, but watching a troupe of performing illusionists drain a mogul's bank account reawakened my curiosity about what movies were being broadcast at what times. (Ninja magician got me looking for my playing cards.)

Slightly beside the point. A read-through of celebrities' shrieking about someone else's expensive haircuts as tax write-offs prompted a snicker about how their accountants would treat their own dyes, wigs, and extensions, especially since that shock-value headline number turned out to be a total of expenses over several years' time. Once the laughter was done, I had a look at reactions from those who'd know more about those processes.

Briefly, the gist of it is - big business exploits tax codes. (In other news, water is wet.)

I'm sure it's a good thing there's this much concern over national security in relation to the incumbent's taxes, since that means there'll be just as much scrutiny on the challenger's pressure points, right? (Edited to add that last bit I didn't want to miss. Anything on the other guy's pressure points, sickles? Because a search for news on his adult son's taxes doesn't show much.)

Seriously, the strain on those pearls must be immense after all that clutching.

(Found the cards.)

Bit of a digression, but I have to add that I agree with this article's assessment of the word count. However, considering what I've seen of the politically-dependent variation in coverage regarding medical treatments, sexual harassment, religion, and now taxes, the word use on one network is an accurate description of the actions of the others.

Go manufacture some more hashtags.

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