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Things I caught recently

- Dialogue that mixes up entomology in recent news with an old cop show - in an episode where a Black woman police officer fosters a White woman's baby, why would the officer's mother speak of her daughter's childhood tendency to 'take in another cicada, another stray?' Audio and context clues point to a 'sick cat' rather than a noisy swarm, as well as a captioner hearing what the captioner wants to hear, not what the character said.

- Fun with recommendations: well, not entirely - this article, one about platforms I don't use, elicits pity even as it points out a feature that might enable one to counter the influence of its recommended videos. (I say might and look at you, good-thing-you-dropped-that-motto.)

First of all, sod you, my belly's gorgeous; second of all, this recommendation's more likely to add weight to it than a similarly used cookie with an overly waxy filling sandwiched between dry biscuits (and if that flavor's meant to be real chocolate, I'll stick with my own baking, thanks). An awareness of the implications behind that particular pastry, dubious tool, won't keep me from enjoying the texture of the cake; however, while I don't attach any such cookie spirit to the article itself, I do offer thanks for more proof that shows this news aggregator's picks are capable of matching the level of a southwestern snake-oil seller.

- Two reminders to the politician in a cassock of what his 兄弟 is capable of and insistent upon doing. (Make that three: "may who give you peace" now? 亵渎 亵渎, 伪君子.)

- Ending with this. Sushi's more my thing than kinilaw, and the pinakurat I usually encounter is already seasoned, but "nikaon na ka?" is eternal.

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