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This is how you apply reading material?

Yeesh. If one was to have such an emphasis on the pronunciation, background noise, one might also ensure that the captioner knows that this is how one spells "gala." Dude, not only is it easily researched, it's a few minutes further into the movie.

It feels wrong to use the name Cruella to trivialize what's in my feed, though I'm glad I didn't see this story sooner. (Sounds like that weird feeling is the price you pay for letting so many people believe what you say, even as you know it to be wrong.)

I see two reasons for the admission: one, to ride the bandwagon; two, that calling an abortion a miscarriage would have garnered more sympathy at the time (it did), but the truth was near to coming out some other way, and owning up to it herself might minimize the fallout. I have to wonder why using one term over another was even necessary, considering the support abortion had at the time and (if true, though I'm inclined to think otherwise now) the specific instance was medical intervention rather than just plain convenience. I also wonder if the term "pregnancy loss," which is about as true as empty parking lots and the rhythmic electrical impulses from cardiac tissue, came before and was replaced by that which caused the weird feeling. Either way, the description fits.

Thank you for teaching.

Speaking of teaching, what delusion does one need to find this appropriate in the context of shop class? (Apart from being actual plastic, I would have thought such an - is educator the right term? - would have more sense around machinery.)

Pairing these articles to ask, does it matter how true the connection is between the articles, or is the implication enough, Dubious Tool? (Pairing these articles that, despite countering each other, are connected by the same topic - what was that about soft landings? No Sundowner interview? OK, I'll link to someone else's. Fixed - what was that about gas prices? And it's funny who Sundowner placed first in speaking of vocab 乌克兰. Watch you? OK.)

Ending with this because I'm curious.

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