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This old news again?

Wherever the joy exists in post-menopause, I don't think I can find it today.

For all that insistence upon listening to the experts, there are still people determined to ignore them when it doesn't suit their agenda. Hasn't there already been coverage on - what was it, post exposure prophylactics? Where frontliners use the medicine in question, one that already has a long-standing medical use, in the proper dosage and in combination with other medication? I'm going to guess that the brainy people putting themselves at risk have some idea of the risk they're taking using substances they and their colleagues have studied.

Must be a misery being Karen fodder in order to keep the lights on, but go on applauding those frontliners while denigrating the methods they're testing to keep themselves safe. It'll make for an uplifting spectacle for someone somewhere who still finds that act respectable.

Oh, well. Good thing there's a cure for that in my stash. (Bit thin, this, though. Might've been the frozen berries.)

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