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Watching TV's a good thing right about now - it's helpful to hear from those who were closer to big events in order to make decisions going forward. (How'd Iraq go again?)

I disagree with this view in that "in danger" is no longer the term. Where were these people educated? And how true is it that this is the state of education? Are these how people learn the values that show in prerecorded videos and game theory? (Funny where coding rabbit-holes lead).

If the news is to be believed, what I see and read of the results of this education are autonomous zones and fare-thee-wells. (Makes it more difficult to reconcile the choice of a cop for the second seat, but "Lotus to POTUS" does make for a cute slogan.) Which reflect national attitudes more accurately - local news or large networks? Depending on one's source of information, these protests, though they may have stemmed from legitimate grievances, now look less like a group of revolutionary firestarters and more like a mob of arsonists. (Remind me who got bail?)

One last sop to the values of the day - the use of product, extensions, and flat-irons to achieve long, straight black hair looks an awful lot like cultural appropriation from someone who'd condemn racism, but use it casually around the next generation. Or maybe that sort of cosmetic decision is now pardoned under the veil of artistic wokeness.

If anyone at the conference call's concerned about eyes on their presentation, don't be. There's plenty of buzz coming from that hive mind.

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