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Giddy up top because it's always fun to recognize mouth movements in comparison to audible dialogue in comparison to captions. Superbowl continuity, and yet sod that, I'll celebrate it.

Adding another pregnancy complication to the 中宫. Want an example of cold? Those abound in the study material. (Yikes. Seriously cold.) And why is 皇上 the only one allowed to walk on the central segment of the stairs? I'd think he'd be the first one kept off it for national security purposes - I wonder how many people slipped walking on that.

I'll allow that talking to and interacting with people in their home country is informative when it comes to developing an understanding of their choices. However, there's something else to be gleaned from what's broadcast within that country to what is presumably a national audience. I'm sure I'm not the first to notice this, but I'll cue up yet another set of common threads in these (to 40:00) two series (to 42:50) for any who want to see what I've found.

你们 的 说, 豺狼, 不 我 的. (Apologies for construction errors, not sentiment.)

Adding this because the refusal to interact is informative as well. (Perhaps 'telling' is a better term.) Thanks to the journalists who take such risks, and who exemplify what the Skeeters gave up on in favor of card games and star charts. Feeling the pinch, 河蟹?

Adding this because 吏僭 有 撒谎. (The 'regret' fits, fratello, but there's a distinct whiff of The Junction in the term 'surprise.')

Adding this because ick-apologist is back and needled that 加拿大 不要 豺狼 熊兄弟.

Adding this for those who choose to twist their justifications for an ego stroke over what is right, because puerile meme sweatshop preschoolery's all Junction Dwellers (feel the quill scratching your hand yet?) have left when they repeatedly counter their directive. Thank you for teaching - I gladly use the methods of the sophomoric to respond in kind. (Tangent - not on the list of people I had in mind, but Tony's choice would fit that list better than his very public alternative.)

Ending with this because not my craft, but it ties in. (And more recently, so does this.)

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