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Three to one

Dang, that equipment went quick.

Common sense dictates that, when a slick substance (like oil with herbs) and a smooth surface (such as that of a glass vial) is combined with one's annoyance at a person, it's little surprise that one would lose one's grip. Attributing that to supernatural forces instead of one's own temper is something I'd expect from a meme sweatshop.

Thumb is a funny way to refer to one's own nethers; and seeing as he's past monkeypox - time to check the walnut, or is it a lemon? Applause for having enough cash to compensate.

How dare who? How dare you. But applause on posing for the narrative.

Adding this because do the words "it’d be nice if you breathed our air" hurt? Because yea, it looks like they're yours.

Adding this because enjoy your trip, fratello.

Adding this because hair stick.

Ending with this because I wonder if it works with soup greens.

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