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"Through thin but not thick"

I'll begin by highlighting a comparison here. (Vocab: 台湾)

It wasn't too long ago - less than a month - that these two countries had a lengthy statement on its "no limits" partnership. Now it's plain to see what happens to that bond when one in that partnership draws all the punitive measures that sports and entertainment, for reasons of PR and money, couldn't bring themselves to place on the other. This 国 will blatantly seek its own benefit at the cost of a tie to a neighbor: as one person mentioned in the "no limits" article, "we can expect this partnership to fracture." So it has, and it seems the foreign minister in the comparison article would have done better to name another country as the creator of this current situation.

Difficult as these times are (and without forgetting that others face far more trying times than I do), I continue this collection of articles to remind myself at least that though one of these "no limits" partners should fall, there's one more yet to go.

Adding this because there's nothing cryptic about this call for help.

Ending with this because as it happens, having to seek out that which feeds still leads to satisfying news.

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