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Huh. I wonder why the subtitles blink on and off here as well, and why the translations shift from one phrasing to another. (Multiple translators, or one switching from literal to natural speech?) It helps to see how a statement is reworded - once again, it's common threads for me, with those in the translated language solidifying the meaning of the origin. Let's just see if they actually keep those going throughout all the episodes - otherwise, I'm rewatching Aesop.

And why's the lip rouge only in the inner lip line? Different methods of application through dynasties? Modern MUA use on set versus historical accuracy? Yeesh, this flip-side-not-Aesop just got even more Aesop in its 乙女.

If I understand these numbers correctly, the setup's 50-1-49. But sure, keep the numbers as if they haven't changed. After all, what can one independent do?

Adding these articles for a weather eye. (And these too, for kicks and giggles.)

Adding this for 穷可怜豺狼政权.

Ending with this dratted fiddly thing because it's delicious, and because I ran into another article using a similar method for crispy pata and adobo rice somewhere.

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